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At Home-Probe, Inc. our inspectors have done thousands of inspections and had hundreds of hours of training and continuing education to help recognize current and potential defects in the systems and components of your future home.  Not only are our inspectors trained in and familiar with the components of a home, proper installation methods and necessary maintenance routines but we have also developed and perfected a systematic approach in evaluating all aspects of a home.  This way, no stone is left unturned. 

You can purchase everything you need to paint your own automobile, fix your own roof, even rewire your house.  The one thing you CANNOT purchase is knowledge and experience.  Please call a professional home inspector because it's just not worth the risk!
Why an inspection?

*To protect yourself in an important investment decision

*To be an informed buyer, knowing if there are any defects present, if those defects are serious and the     potential cost to repair them.

*To be an educated home owner, having seen your home through the eyes of an unbiased professional.

When possible, an Alpha inspection includes your inspector walking on the roof, crawling in the attic and entering crawl spaces.

We inspect for:

 *Safety concerns
 *Financial considerations
 *Maintenance issues

Who should attend?

You, as the client, are welcome to include anyone you desire in the inspection. Along with you and any family members you may also decide to include your realtor and the listing realtor.

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